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 +(1) High pressure in [[vein]]s due to damage to venous system (see also valvular insufficiency) leading to symptoms of chronic venous [[disease]].
 +Affects 1-2% of population ​
 +Due to [[http://​​thesite/​edema_chronic_venous_insufficiency.htm|chronic venous insufficiency]] and distal vein hypertension ​
 +Usually due to [[http://​​phpBB2/​viewtopic.php?​t=303|post thrombotic syndrome]] ​
 +Can be due to primary valvular incompetence ​
 +(2) Increased pressure in the veins ultimately leading to the right [[atrium]] nearly always due to disease of the right [[heart]] but occasionally due to blockade of one or both venae cavae. ​
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