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 +[[Blood]] typing is a method to tell what specific type of blood you have. What type you have depends on whether or not there are certain [[protein]]s,​ called [[antigen]]s,​ on the [[red blood cells]] or if there are antibodies to these substances.
 +Blood is often grouped according to the ABO blood typing system. on This method breaks blood types down into four categories:
 +Type A 
 +Type B 
 +Type AB 
 +Type O 
 +Your blood type (or blood group) also depends on what has been passed down to you from your parents.
 +<​haematology>​ The major human blood type system which describes the oligosaccharide glycoprotein antigens found on the surface of human blood cells. ​
 +According to the type of antigen present, a person may be assigned a blood type of A, B, AB or O. A second type of antigen, the Rh factor, renders a positive or negative blood type. The ABO blood group system is important because it determines who can donate blood to or accept blood from whom. 
 +Type A or AB blood will cause an immune reaction in people with type B blood and type B and AB blood will cause a reaction in people with type A blood. ​
 +Conversely, type O blood has no A or B antigens, so people with type O blood are universal donors. ​
 +And since AB blood already produces both antigens, people who are type AB can accept any of the other blood types without suffering an immune reaction. ​
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