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 +====== Splenomegaly ======
 +(1) Enlargement of the [[spleen]]. ​
 +(2) //n// an abnormal increase in the size of the spleen; often associated with hemolytic [[anemia]], [[mononucleosis]],​ [[leukemia]],​ portal [[hypertension]],​ or malaria (Jonas: Mosby'​s Dictionary of Complementary and Alternative Medicine. (c) 2005, Elsevier.)
 +(3) Enlargement of the [[spleen]]. Is largely without clinical signs but it may be palpated during an examination through the abdominal wall in dogs and cats, rectally in horses and not at all in ruminants. The enlargements may be caused by [[abscess]] or [[neoplasm]] or there may be a diffuse enlargement caused by accumulation of hemolyzed red cells.
 +===== Asymmetrical splenomegaly =====
 +Usually the result of [[trauma]] or neoplasia.
 +===== Congestive splenomegaly =====
 +**Banti'​s disease**; splenomegaly secondary to portal [[hypertension]].
 +===== Hemolytic splenomegaly =====
 +That associated with any disorder causing increased erythrocyte degradation.
 +===== Siderotic splenomegaly =====
 +Splenomegaly with deposit of iron and calcium.
 +===== Symmetrical splenomegaly =====
 +Usually caused by congestion or infiltration of the splenic [[tissue]].
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