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 +(1) A life-threatening allergic reaction characterized by a [[swelling]] of body [[tissue]]s including the throat, difficulty in breathing, and a sudden fall in [[blood pressure]].
 +(2) A widespread and very serious allergic reaction. Symptoms include dizziness, loss of consciousness,​ labored breathing, swelling of the tongue and breathing tubes, blueness of the [[skin]], low blood pressure, [[heart]] failure, and death. Immediate emergency treatment is required for this type of shock, including administration of antivenom in the case of bee or wasp stings.
 +(3) A sudden, life-threatening allergic reaction, characterized by dilation of [[blood vessels]] with a sharp drop in blood pressure and bronchial spasm with shortness of breath. Anaphylactic shock is caused by exposure to a foreign substance, such as a drug or bee venom, to which the individual has been previously exposed. The substances act as [[antigen]]s,​ provoking a preliminary [[immune response]] during the first exposure that results in a full-blown, immediate response during secondary exposure, called an immediate hypersensitivity reaction. Emergency treatment, including epinephrine injections, must be administered to prevent death. Also called anaphylaxis.
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