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 +====== Adenoids ======
 +One of two masses of [[lymphoid tissue]] located at the back of the nose in the upper part of the throat that may obstruct normal breathing and make speech difficult when swollen. Often used in the plural.
 +The [[pharyngeal tonsils]] (tonsilla pharyngea), also known as adenoids, are a collection of lymphoid nodules located along the roof and posterior wall of the [[nasopharynx]] (upper throat). They vary in size in different individuals and are a part of the body's protection against [[infection]]. The tonsils contain germ-killing cells. The pharyngeal tonsil is sometimes referred to as [[Luschka'​s tonsil]], after the German anatomist Hubert Luschka (1820-1875). When the pharyngeal tonsils become infected, they become inflamed and enlarge. The [[palatine tonsils]] and pharyngeal tonsils (adenoids) are two pairs of organs that seem to give more trouble than service to the body. 
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