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Our Staff

Pat O'Connor, (CPAR, PCSM) - 'Papa-Bear' - Founder, Executive Administrator

Unless otherwise noted, almost all LympedemaPeople pages were authored by Pat. His education includes degrees in History, Political Science and Social Science, with graduate studies in philosophy and religion. Professional designations include Certification in Customer Service Management, Advanced Certification Patient Account Representative, formerly licensed in Life and Health Insurance (Oregon). Pat is a beautiful person, a father, a grandfather, a friend, and an inspiration to many.

Brad Clevenger - Co-Founder, Benefactor, Senior Administrator, IT Director

Carmelita Rifkin, (PT, MS, CLT-LANA) - Consultant, Contributor - RIFKIN PHYSICAL THERAPY & LYMPHEDEMA CENTER, LLC

Gail - Lymphedema Patient Extraordinaire, Moderator - Gail also moderates our ' Advocates for Lymhpedema' on-line group

Melba Sims, (MSNT, ER Medicine, Infusion Therapy) - Consultant, Contributor

Michelle - Senior Editor, Contributor - Special welcome and thanks for all she is doing:!::!::!:;-)

Cassie - Senior Editor, Senior Moderator, Contributor - A treasured member of our 'Advocates for Lymphedema' and 'Lipedema' groups and is extremely active in the Breast Cancer Org family.

Anne, (RN) - Senior Editor, Moderator, Contributor - 'Advocates for Lymphedema' - I have so appreciated Anne's friendship for all these years I have been active online - and for all those encouraging phone calls when I have been in the hospital.

Tom Kincheloe, (OTR/L, CLT) - Senior Editor, Senior Moderator, Contributor - Tom is very involved with the 'Men with Lymphedema' and 'Advocates for Lymphedema' groups. Tom hosts “Meet the Therapist” here at LymphedemaPeople.

JenJay - Senior Moderator, Contributor - Jen maintains our registry of lymphedema doctors. I so appreciate this as it is very much needed and so important.

We are also privileged to list the following moderators of our online support groups, important members of the LymphedemaPeople family.

Martin - Moderator - 'Men with Lymphedema' - Martin is also a pianist extraordinaire, has quite a concert program.

Stella - Moderator - 'Children with Lymphedema' - Stella has been a valued member of our family since the beginning. She and her family live in Singapore.

Amber - Moderator - 'Children with Lymphedema'

Jannette - Moderator - 'Children with Lymphedema'

Helen, (CLT-U.K.) - Moderator - 'Lipedema' Yahoo group.

Jane - Moderator - 'Lipedema' Yahoo group - She has her own blog on Lipedema called 'Big Leg Woman' - I highly recommend it.

…others pending. My deepest thanks to all who make this site possible and who help make it such a wonderful family.:-);-):!::!::!:

How You Can Help

Because of our demand for excellence in the information provided, we do not allow anyone to just join, post or edit.

If you would like to help edit pages and or help in the transfer of the pages from HTML to Wiki, send me a note at the email below and share your experience, background, education and qualifications.

We would love to have your help.


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