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Men with Lymphedema

PostPosted: Tue Jun 20, 2006 6:39 pm
by patoco
Men with Lymphedema

Allright men, its our turn and its time. Let's face it, we are years behind the women in understand and dealing with health issues that face us. This seems to be especially true in understand, dealing with and overcoming the physical and psychological issues that face us with lymphedema.

This is a safe haven, where we can lay it on the table, a place where we can "take charge" of this condition and move ahead with our lives.

Here we don't have to worry about impressing the ladies (how could they be any more impressed anyway); we don't have to be the strong silent type (everyone knows we are as tough as a mad marine and as solid as the rock of Gilbralter); we don't have to be concerned with being macho (after all, we make even Dirty Harry cringe in the corner).

If you are a man with lymphedema; a man with a loved one with lymphedema who you are trying to help and understand come join us and discover what it is to be the master instead of the sufferer of lymphedema.



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