Newbie in Buffalo

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Newbie in Buffalo

Postby tinatames » Sun Jul 27, 2008 1:50 pm

Hi All - I am newly diagnosed - both legs all the way up to the thigh(primary Lymphadema that has gotten worse since having my children 18 yrs ago). I had Physical Therapy 7 times , wrap every night and wear full compression stockings every day for the past four months. I need advice - my doctor is going to perform surgery for medium Vein blockage(venus doppler) in Sept after wearing stockings for 6 mths(Aetna requirements). Has anyone have any advice on that procedure? Also -I have noticed that my legs are worse in the summer months. I am the owner of a restaurant and am on my feet 8 hours straight. Does this just get worse - do I need to get out of my business to get off my feet? Any input would be appreciated!
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Re: Newbie in Buffalo

Postby patoco » Sun Jul 27, 2008 2:20 pm

Hi Tina :D

Super welcome to our family :!: :!: :!:

If thre is no choice but to have that veinsurgery, you should go ahead with it as a blockage can be incredibly serious.

I would do a couple things though.

First, about a week before the surgery, have the doctor put you on antibiotics. With lymphedema you run a very high risk of infection, so anytime someone has an intrusive procedure, it's recommended that they be on a preventative course of antibiotics.

Secondly, be careful with any treatment on the LE. You'll want the leg as small as you can get it, but, i would be concerned about moving or causing the blockage to break or move.

The bad thing is that standing on your feet like that is going to be bad for you. It definately will make the LE worse. See if you can be off them as much as possible before the surgery. Try to delegate some of your responsibilities so that you can have your legs up. I know...easier said then done, right? :| me, I know.

Also, after the surgery you really are goign to need some down time too.

After the surgery, be sure to have the legs wrapped...not real tight, but firm - using short stretch bandages. The important thing after surgery is to prevent swelling as the swelling will pull apart the tissue that is trying to heal.

Summer is the toughtest time for all of us. that heat (I live 40 miles east of Atlanta) makes us balloon up...not to mention to increased risk of infections.

Have you had any treatment like MLD or CDT? any compression garments or wraps other then ths compression stocking?

Look forward to hearing back from you!

Pat 8)
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Re: Newbie in Buffalo

Postby tinatames » Sun Jul 27, 2008 5:41 pm

Thank you so much for the advice - never even thought about antibiotics before the surgery! I was taught how to wrap my legs by the therapist. I only do from the knee down every night - the whole leg (both of them) wrapped is a little overwhelming to me. One good thing - I don't need aspirin or other pain reliever to go to sleep now after I started the wrapping at night and stockings during the day.
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